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CONGRATS on 100,000 hits!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks to those who have visited and a *SPECIAL* thanks to Chris for founding this site.  Those of you who have been around a while know I tried this a few times and never stuck to it.  So I give tons of props to Chris for sticking with it and making this site a success.  Let him know you apprecaite his efforts with a post back.

And even though I wish there was more talk and less video, I have come to be at peace with the fact that most who visit are just foraging for videos.  And thats OK.....I'm just glad there are folks out there who love this stuff... Before sites like this I know I thought "Am I the only one who thinks this is cool???"

So feel free to tell Chris thanks and if you have ideas/suggestions and best of all *INFORMATION*, please jump in -- even if its just comments about what you like/want/ to see.

We are in a bit of a slump in the world of Pec control with Lynn and Danni being out and soooo many retirements.  We really need some new producers badly.  So chime in if you have a good one!


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Chris (MCSirens Founder)
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This site has grown so much in a short amonut of time. I can't thank Jim enough for having faith in me when I told him about getting this site together.  Here's hoping the best is yet to come for Muscle Control Sirens! :)


Muscle Control Sirens Founder

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Posts: 330

200,000 hits!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  It took about 3 years to get to 100k and only 18 months to get to 200k... I'd say that points out 2 things... 1) growth and 2) staying power.

Congratulations, Chris!  You founded something that is standing the test of internet time and I was one of the doubters so my hat is off to you. :)

Let's hope this site continues to be a focal point for muscle control and that the standard you set of treating the performers & producers with respect allows them to find supporters.


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Thank you both of you for keeping this running!

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