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Ive never actually fit in anywhere, I tend to make my own way rather than just go with the flow. Im told I have an odd and "fucked up" sense of humor. Among other things I enjoy gaming, reading, sculpting, helping others out with their own issues,and when my issues allow it, martial arts and getting back in shape. And, of course strong women, in every sense of the word. I admire them for their confidence, resolve, and yes, physical strength, even more so when I get to see their gentle, caring side that they tend to hide (from what ive encountered anyway). I was often picked on and taken advantage of not too long ago, thanks to my issues, I couldnt do much of anything to defend myself just yet, strong girls were the first ones that stood up for me and helped me learn to function socially and so were among my first friends. I have tourettes syndrome, P.O.T.S., and cant seem to pick up on social norms all that well. I'd like to avoid any unecessary fights, so just to put it out there ive got a bit of an anger problem, though its only triggered by stuff like racism, sexism, and abusing others. I'm rather forgetful, my mind wanders quite a bit so its difficult to focus my attention on something im not actually interested in, and I also get bored very easily. Fuck boredom. with a shovel. cos that completely makes sense.

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Welcome and thanks for posting!  What got you interested n muscle control?


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thanks for the welcome, and ive been into it since i was a kid (only pec bouncing though). I noticed how guys could make their chests move and wondered if girls could to.  What got me hooked on it was a different story though. Back when my great grandma still had her house, shed host cookouts whenever everyone had time. Me and a few cousing were playin hide and seek, they already knew most of my good hiding places, so i figured since i was told to stay out of th bathroom no one would think to look for me there, i hid in th closet under a bunch of towels for a while, and at some point one of th older ones came in with his girlfriend, and long story short, she showed him how she could move her boobs with me having an unintentional front row seat. I spent what felt like hours waiting for a chance to get the hell out of there without getting caught :P

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